Personal injury also involves bicyclists and pedestrians along with drivers.

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There’s no “crush space” as car makers say, around bikes and people. Given this increased risk of sustaining serious injury and debilitation even from what might seem a minor accident, cyclists and pedestrians are considerably more subject to the risk of disastrous, personal injury outcomes. The following statistics reveal the danger:

In 2016, for example, 17.6% of fatalities were pedestrians, while 2.2% were bicyclists. However, the figures are reversed for non-fatal personal injuries, with 4.6% of pedestrian sustaining injuries while 14.4% of bicyclists were injured in accidents.

Any injury to a cyclist or pedestrian requiring medical attention therefore, also requires legal attention.

Ultimately, should you be involved in an accident, the laws are intended to provide you with the compensation that will restore to you, to the extent that compensation can, the quality of life you enjoyed prior to the accident.

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